Robin's Virtual Vinyasa Studio

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How do I sign up?

Follow the links below. Classes require a quick pre-register and are offered on a sliding scale.

Do I need props?

All classes are accessible with just a yoga mat. Though I highly recommend 2 blocks, a blanket, a few pillows, and a strap.

Are beginners welcome?

Absolutely! Check out Yummy Yin Flow if you’re brand new. Other classes hover at an intermediate level.

Soulful Sunday Flow

Wake up Sunday morning with a soulful spiritual cleansing. Wash away doubt, anxiety, and brain fog, and align yourself with clarity, purpose, and invigorating joy!

Yummy Yin Flow

Delicious, nurturing, slow, and steady. Gift yourself an evening to nourish your spirit, calm your mind, and hydrate your fascia with this Yin-spired hybrid flow.

Commit to a regular practice live or on-demand and feel your body, mind, and spirit transform!

On-demand classes for rent: