The Optimal You:
1-on-1 Coaching

For health enthusiasts who seek the secrets to a life free of dis-ease. This is your personalized solution.

8 weekly sessions | 60-minutes each

It takes 21 days to develop any new habit. Let's develop your customized nutrition, mindset, and movement program together. Create life-changing habits from the start, and I'll hold you accountable for reaching your health goals with lots of support and encouragement.

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The Optimal Yogi:
1-on-1 Sessions 

For the curious and creative types who seek a healthy balance of body and mind. This is your deep dive into the practice of embodiment.

5 sessions | 60 minutes each

Your style. Your level. Your pace. With 20+ years of teaching experience, I’ll design private or semi-private sessions on the fly that are athletically challenging, spiritually-inspired, restorative, or meditative. You lead the way towards your desired healing path.

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When You Coach With Robin, You'll Experience


Jump-start your optimal living journey with encouragement, energy, and inspiration. And when things get challenging, I'm here to help keep your momentum going.


Rest assured you're getting the best possible service because all eyes are on you! Programs are customized to your needs and adapt if/when those needs shift.


Show up to your practice ready for growth and I'll keep encouraging and guiding you forward towards achieving your goals.